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Serious Young Woman
What with all the articles I've been writing these past few months, I felt my penchant for actual fiction was being blunted. This is... frustrating, really, because I fancy I'm far less interesting to listen to as I think I am, which means that when you strip away the pretty lingo, I'm just telling people that I can't make good decks.

This was the result of an attempt to take the elements of the D20 Modern game and make a setting vignette that I liked. Too many sci-fi settings, I feel, extend only one or two things about our modern world, and think that radical change is going to take place so swiftly as to have us drifting in space and using weird retro-language. Firefly was a far better way of handling it, for example - it opted to not say when, beyond 'The Future', and the world it evolved from was clearly our own.
Perseus This was one of my very first fanfictions, and, oddly enough, is one to which I would gladly attach my name. This is set in the Danger Girl universe, and revolves around a single mission in the lives of the DG cast. This, however, was written when I had only read three issues of DG, and, as such, predated the unfortunate incident in issue four that makes this entire fanfiction impossible. Oh well. This features no spoilers for the series.
Horoscopes in Nerima Ever have an idea you just can't kill? This was one of them.

This one kicked me out of bed at four AM in the morning after a fitful hour of sleep after having finally put to rest a GRIT sheet that had been plaguing me. At first, it was going to be GRIT-centric, but, as I progressed, I found that it was less and less necessary.

The first draft didn't get posted (thankfully), but this revised version did. Be warned, it features a degree of unoriginality.
Othello 1/2 This was prompted by schoolwork - on Shakespeare, no doubt - and a discussion with Steven Atwell, AKA Brewst. Er, I think. Anyway, we got to batting the idea around and I went away and turned the first act-and-a-bit of Othello into a Ranma 1/2 scene.

It is, of course, a sort-of-but-not situation; it is not a play, but Tarou certainly seems to have read the entire script.
The Child I Killed Poetry is a form of catharsis, and so it should come as little surprise I use it as such. I must say, only one of the four people for whom this song is will ever read it - and that's half-chance - but he should know who he is.
Composition of a Late Night Further work on whatever I am from the font of poetry. This was done very late at night, with little rest, so I can't be certain as to just how much or what I mean in this... but I'm very much certain, the more I read over it, I'm working out whatever problem there. I may just be recognising it. But it's more than nothing.
The Losers (Sharon's Song) And now, I stop gazing at my own bloody navel for a few minutes just long enough to whittle out this. Ironically, this is the first of my poems I've shown to another human being, and predates the other three here.
I am Bish A somewhat more lighthearted jaunt through one of my more recent developing passions - the fun that is the sort of male weirdoes get drawn with female features. Yes. Bishounen. This is a song parody of the song 'I Am Cow' by the Arrogant Worms, and I do feel cheap using a bloody parody song to parody, but what the hell.
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