Currently, I'm a twenty-six year-old male living in NSW, Australia. The closest thing I have right now to gainful employment is working in our government-initiated Work for the Dole programme, which is spending its time making multimedia presentations for non-profit organisations. I'm still looking for conventional employment, having experience in office management, motel management, and toy and game design. Got any suggestions? Well, feel free to drop me a line.

Despite the odds stacked against it, I'm not single. On May 29th, 2004, my now-wife and I Fox Lee were married, in a ceremony that transpired in her backyard and did in fact feature my producing my vows from my pants. As loathe as she would be to hear it, she is my light and center, my refuge, my equal, and above all else, a saviour from myself. I cannot begin to describe the joy brought into my life by this wonderful, wonderful woman, and I think that more people would be better off if they could express themselves half as honestly as she can and does.

I have a narrow range of interests. I'd love to claim to having a broad, expansive number of hobbies, in which I have diverse and varied companions, but the truth is, I've a mind that focuses on a few things; psychological studies of me have proven that while I'm quite introverted (not requiring much external stimulation to keep myself entertained), I also like multiple stimulations. While I've enough general knowledge to impersonate a balanced individual in polite company, I'm really just a geek. So, my primary fields of interest are fantasy (both science and classic), computer games (most significantly right now, City of Heroes and Magic The Gathering Online), a number of comedy series (Black Books, Mystery Science Theatre, Scrubs, Arrested Development), a handful of anime, and of course, roleplaying games, and Magic: The Gathering.

The majority of my interests stem largely from anime and manga, which occupy a large section of my 'hobbies' time, the rest being devoted to sleeping (has to happen occasionally) or eating (which is marginally less fun). Despite my general boredom with eating itself, I've found myself a big fan of actually cooking, which is still a lot of fun. It's very satisfying to set a meal in front of a friend or loved one and have them enjoy it. I'm such a girl. Now that I live with Fox, we've got a half-dozen or so different gaming systems, which I'm learning how to use, despite that they lack keyboard or mouse, for gaming of all things. No mouse? I mean, how do you aim?

I'm also now something of an unashamed and flagrant D&D geek. I've written my own (small) setting sourcebook, the world of Cobrin'Seil, and have released parts of the setting for public consumption on the Wizards of the Coast forums. Feel free to check them out, and please, send me feedback.

Fox and I are not alone in our house, though - we own a pair of ferrets, Rowdy and Finley. I can't deny that ferrets aren't the pet for everyone, but I love our boys, and I've been learning more and more about caring for them these past two years.

Of course, I don't mind being e-mailed for a variety of reasons. If you'd like to request that I do some art for you - drop me a line. If you'd like to bitch about the art that I have done - drop me a line. Complaints about my fics? By all means, drop me a line. And there's always the Blurty.

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