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Weekly Item Posts During the time of Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 edition, Talen was a frequent poster on the rec.games.frp.dnd newsgroup. At one stage, he was posting these, the "Weekly Item Posts" - groups of new, similarly-themed magic items for general game use.
Other D&D Material This page contains links to Talen's other Dungeons & Dragons game material - mostly races, classes and prestige classes for 3.5 - on the WotC Community Forums. If you have (or care to register for) an account, Talen would greatly appreciate feedback on these.
BG2 screenshots Amusing or inspiring screenshots taken while playing Baldur's Gate 2.
BG2: TML While playing this truly wonderful game and discussing it with friends, eventually, the challenge came up to best condense the group into a small array of - surprise surprise - BG2 characters.

Well, here we are, all six of us. Arissa is supposed to be the leader (her idea, after all). The armament may be a bit ridiculous, but only the arrows of detonation are a little hard to believe. Well, okay, Blade's unarmed, but goddamnit, the man can't always have his Nodachi.

Enjoy. I'm quite happy with them and their performance in-game (they work as a squad quite well indeed).
BG2: Lilarcor Quotes "I don't know what you were expecting, but as a sword I'm pretty one-dimensional in what I want."

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