art archives~

Grand art dump for Talen's older (or as he feels, uninspiring) work, provided mostly for completeness. No descriptions or explanations - bug Talen if you really want to know something. Some pictures may contain ecchi or homosexual overtones, but no pron here XP

CAPOW Artwork from multi-verse anime/manga RPG CAPOW.
Dungeons & Dragons Artwork from Dungeons & Dragons - including characters from D&D campaigns, illustrations from D&D-inspired works, and art from Talen's own Cobrin'Seil setting.
DragonBall Fan- and fan-character art relating to DragonBall/Z/GT.
Furbidden Realms Original characters from join furry art/fiction project, Furbidden Realms.
GRIT Art (and lots of it!) from usenet's Ranma 1/2 play-by-e-mail RPG, the Global Ranma Insanity Thread.
Pokémon Fan- and fan-character art relating to Pokémon.
Other Random fan and original art.

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