2009-03-15 Fox again. Due to getting big LCD screens and seeing what happened to the layout, everything's been updated to fixed positions. Bad news if you have a weird screen size, but better than the alternatives. No content updates, bug Talen if you want to see more stuff like that.
I don't know its name...
2008-11-06 Fox again. IE users, the site will now function on your browser too, though it won't look as good, with top-level menu pages to replace the css drop-down menu. Rejoice! You should still get a better browser, though.

This update also includes a new piece of fiction - the first one to be posted since the days of Talen's old site in 2002 - and the usual array of new Magic: The Gathering articles including dailies on set design and Prismatic Magic.
They say that anger is just love disappointed...
2006-08-03 Fox again, because Talen needs to update more often. I'm working on making the CSS here a little more IE-friendly, though I'm not done yet (let me know if you see something looking weird in Firefox). IE still hates the menu in particular, so I'm looking at putting in higher-tier pages so you can just ignore it if need be.

Also, Talen has updated various sections since last, including lots of new Magic: The Gathering articles - in line with the Battle Royale events going on via SCG and MODO - and descriptions for a lot of the gallery pics.
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I've gone and pissed thirty years up against the wall...
2006-04-07 Fox here. It's true - Talen's page is actually, honest-to-god, back. Dragged kicking and screaming from the tomb of domain name changes and Real Life precendence and general nerdish ambivalence, exposed to the harsh, unforgiving light of complete overhauls and tables-to-css brutality. That is to say, I remade it.

I'll let Talen talk about it as he likes, of course, but I wanted to put something here until he's motivated to write :p In any case, most all of the old content is here (if slightly re-arranged) as well as a huge amount of new stuff (most significantly Magic: the Gathering articles and Dungeons & Dragons game material, both under "writing" or "gaming").
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