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Essay: DBZ and the Speed of Light "Logically, if you do move faster than light, you require infinite energy to do it as you approach infinite mass and therefore develop infinite gravity which in turn proceeds to suck in the infinite universe and destroy everything that is. But Goku doesn't.

"So, who says logic applies?"
Essay: DBZ is PPP! YES! Dragonball Z is PRO PANTS PROPAGANDA!!!
Talen's Quotefile 1 "Y'know, I've always wondered why Australians don't resent the Euro-NA-centric assumption that they are on the "bottom" of the world."

"'cos it means we're always mooning the universe.

Talen's Quotefile 2 "Didn't you know? Talen is 1/3 Vulcan. (The other two-thirds are Australian and sheep, respectively.)"
The Truth This is just a short sample log of the sort of incredibly insane stuff we got up to in #AFD.

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