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Class: The Feral Animist "Some consider themselves animals caught in the wrong form, others consider themselves a creature assisted by a spirit that is greater than any mere animal could be. All, however, tap into the aspect of divine that lies within the very idea of the animals they revere. These individuals are Feral Animists; capable of tapping into this aspect, changing their very physical forms, for brief periods, and becoming terrible beasts in combat."
My Wilder Fix! "Operating on the basis that you can't claim membership as a poster on the Psionics Handbook board until you've tried to 'fix' the Soulknife and Wilder, here's what we have from my end of the room. I'm opting for a simplification of the 'complex' fixes. The Wilder is, by my gauge, a gishish class - one that wants to mix it up in combat, and, ideally, use its powers to amplify what it can do, or to cover a part of combat they don't normally want to."
PrC: The Citystride Seeker "A fairly oblative term, Citystride Seeker is a term oft-used by the Watch to refer to any individual who betrays otherworldly powers. Clerics, Druids, and even the occasional wandering mage, have all been called upon by the police of Kyngdom to earn their keep assisting the authorities. But the true Citystride Seekers, a quiet and secret group who barely recognize their own existence, let alone betray it to others, bring more to this role than any of their brethren."
Expanded Fighter Feats "Oookay, we have ourselves a doozy of a collection here - some eleven pages worth of text. Apologies for the length. However, this is the cadre of feats I'm using in my homebrew games. I started on this list to see if I could ensure that Fighters continued to have options reaching into the high levels."
Race - The Woven Ones "The Sun Elves fight a daily war, a battle unending against an almost infinite force. It comes to pass at times, that sun elves are slain in melee combat – faithful warriors sent to the great LeShay Father's bosom. These elves are permitted, by Erallabein Delfae himself, to return to Cobrin'Seil as Woven Ones, if their bodies are reanimated by a sort of magic."
Class - The Adherent "Gods work in many ways. While almost every god has clerics of some form or another, they are not the totality of a god's forces. The Adherent is a singular warrior of his or her god or goddess, given great benefits from their god, and given over to deeds most often seen as militant or powerful. They take upon themselves aspects of their gods' domains, and through these, accomplish deeds that best befit their god's request."
Race - The Equitarn "In Cobrin'Seil, life has not always been particularly egalitarian. Years before Godsday, an era of magical dominance was instigated and enforced by wizards and sorcerors, who used their magical powers and alchemical studies to bring about unholy breeding experiments. One of these races was the Equitarn, the result of an attempt to make a slave race that would be easily subjugated and willing to endure hardship, produced by the crossing of a race of humans with horses."

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