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01 - Gifts of the Roamstone Grove(I) "Dwarves all over speak in hushed tones of Roamstone. So-called stone, actually metal, buried deep beaneath the earth, a blue-grey cobalt colour. It’s rare, ductile, malleable, light, an excellent working material, and utterly, utterly useless."
02 - Opening the Soul "Magic is your wings, your heart, your power, your fire - your crutch. Would you but cast it aside, you would see what a man could become, and how a soul can fly, untethered by the chains of arcane understanding. Come, wizard, your death awaits you."
03 - The Fruits of Nature "I dance in the flames, ever burning but never consumed, I flow in the rivers, ever running but always still, and I fly on the wind, ever borne aloft but always connected to the land. I draw strength from nature and power - you do not, unless I say so."
04 - Oriental Adventures "In the world of Cobrin'Seil, Hengeyoukai were the slaves of the empire. Currently, a group of players are doing something to right that, and, if they don't screw up, there will eventually be seven minor clans of Hengeyoukai, accepted into the Great Order..."
05 - A Dissertation on Alchemy "Hello, hello, yes, yes, I'm sure, and all that. Let me get this straight. I was sent here to dispense information. I'm Morpheus Grimme, and your name is unimportant to me. I've been paid to talk to you about alchemy, so, I intend to fulfill my end of the contract. I don't particularly care overmuch for any chit-chat from my audience, so simply sit up and shut up."
06 - Knicknacks, Doodads, Widgets, and Gizmos "Gnomes, the slogan goes, Aren't Just Iconic Technical Savants, or so say GAJITS. Regardless, it seems a trend amongst spellcasters of whatever race that it's often convenient to have a secret identiy, a gnome de plume, behind which they can hide when they create a new magical item."
07 (I) - Merry Christmas! "Here's just a bunch of items I made as a sort of Merry Christmas to everyone here on the NG. Sorry if you didn't inspire me to write up an item for your character. The simple solution is BE MORE INTERESTING, YOU DULLARD."
07 (II) - Magic Rings, and how they suck! "Magic Rings There are many magic rings in the world, ranging from the mundane to the utterly awe-inspiring. However, it is often a considered opinion amongst the magical colleges of Cobrin`Seil that there was little, if anything, a magical ring could do that a Wondrous Item could not do..."
08 - On Dwarves and Dwarfdom "One would think that a race of creatures such as dwarves would be the last people in the world to create magical items. Who can forget the stereotype of the Dwarven battlerager, distrustful and hateful of magic, despising the forces of the arcane in the world? Consider, however, the tradition of the dwarven craftsman."
09 - Set Items "It's no great work of magic or psionic artificing to make things reactive. After all, many a magical item is based around the idea that when a condition is fulfilled, it is to act in a certain fashion. It merely takes a bit of extra work for those truly dedicated spellcrafters and artificers to compose items that are truly interdependent. The individual pieces of a magical armoury may indeed produce an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts."
10 - Armour "Few adventurers are foolish enough to stray from their keeps and defenses without a good suit of armour. A layer of steel - or hide, or leather, or mithral, or indeed, many other things - between a person and the world can be a great insurance and can bolster one's confidence."
11 - The Foul and Darkened Places "The Book of Vile Darkness is generally regarded as the ultimate sinkhole for the evil thoughts and deeds of all that exists. Chronicled by the most depraved races that exist and further expanded by a benighted god of death and magic, this tome is often looked to as the ultimate source for baneful deeds incarnadine."
12 - Bastions and Bulwarks "Not all adventurers fancy carrying around a third of their nation's gross national profit in scabbard, backpack, and pockets. Some adventurers - good or evil - prefer to take upon themselves strongholds, or bastions in which they may reside. A place, in the end, an adventurer may call 'Home'."
13 - The Damn Psionics Week already "While Cobrin`Seil holds its fair share of magic, it would by lying to say psionics is not known and around. If nothing else, the dread creatures of the underdeep have tapped the powers of the mind to best survive in the adverse situation. In the crystalline steppes of Nbyana, monstrous psionic relics of natural and supernatural selection roam. Across the deserts run Thri-Kreen packs, and beneath the wave the massive psionic powers of the Silent Ones lie, ready to be brought to bear."
14 - Enhallowed Temerity "In the lands of Cobrin'Seil, the Paladin is a common sight - warriors of gods, strong and bold, virtuous and mighty. However, what makes a Paladin will vary on where you say it."
15 - Tattoo Magic "Magical Tattooing is a practice frequently taken up by psionicists and spellcasters alike. When properly inscribed, various magical tattoos can imbue magical power onto its wielder."
16 - Gifts of the Roamstone Grove (II) "There was a time, Cayden, when I could put on plain leather armour and be assued a good chance of survival that day. A time long ago. Whod have thought that I now sleep in more than a kings treasury worth of useless reeds?"
17 - Blades of the Faith 1 "In Cobrin'Seil, there are a veritable deluge of gods. While there are tiers and ranks to dieties - Lesser, Intermediate, Greater, and High - there are also hundreds of small gods. Cobrin'Seil is a world into which many and all may enter - and so, it is not uncommon to encounter the occasional worshipper of a god from Toril, or sometimes even a Ravenloft escapee."

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