war stories~

"If I ever got whomped by a Pidgeot toter, I'd commit suicide promptly after. and I'd advise others under the same circumstances to do the same."

- Pornbot

War Story 1 Talen's JUMPLUFF is at 100% health.
War Story 2 What I Have Learned: PAY FUCKING ATTENTION
War Story 3 Talen's QUAGSIRE recovered with LEFTOVERS.
matty's STARMIE recovered with LEFTOVERS.
War Story 4 Talen sent out Big_Woop (QUAGSIRE M L100)!
War Story 5 Talen's QUAGSIRE used EARTHQUAKE!
A critical hit!
Elementor's MEW fainted!
War Story 6 Talen's PIDGEOT used MIRROR MOVE!
Talen's PIDGEOT used RETURN!
Toucan's SNORLAX fainted!

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